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Corning biological acid

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Product description

Corning biological acid plugging agent is our company with foreign research institutions to work together to

develop the introduction of biological high-tech products. The product is a kind of high-performance bioactive

acid product, which can fully solve the problems of oil extraction due to formation pressure, temperature

reduction, crude oil degassing, bacterial metabolites accumulation and other reasons, resulting in heavy

hydrocarbons, inorganic salts Scale, iron compounds, biofilms and other clogging the reservoir, so that

production dropped significantly, water injection problems. It is suitable for deep acidification in the oil

industry and has the function of removing clogs and increasing the matrix permeability.

Technical indicators

1, it is a biological agent, with low toxicity, low odor, low corrosive, biodegradable

2, no acid residue, no anti-row, the role of large radius, long period of validity.

3, itself has a certain bactericidal effect, can solve and inhibit the bacteria generated by the excrement plug

4, on-site construction safety, environmental protection.


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