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Non invasive treatment agent

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The non-penetrating treatment agent is a micelle polymer containing small molecules, which can form micelles

on the rock surface of the shaft wall. Depending on the interface suction of the polymer micelle or the micelle

and its deformability, the non-penetrating treatment agent can block a large area of the rock surface Of the

pore and throat to form a dense and impermeable plugging film on the surface of the rock wall and effectively

block the different permeability strata and microcracked mud shale formation and form a protective layer on

the periphery of the wall and the drilling fluid and its filtrate are completely isolated Will penetrate into the

formation, can achieve close to zero loss drilling.

Product description

Technical indicators

Drilling fluid properties

Physical and chemical standards

1, can be closed non-homogeneous permeability of formations, including micro-fractured shale formation;
2, to a certain extent, can improve the pressure of formation rupture;
3, can widen the drilling fluid density window;
4, can use the same drilling fluid into different pressure strata;
5, speed up drilling speed, improve drilling, completion quality;
6, can significantly reduce the complexity of the wells and reservoir damage.


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