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This product is made of high-quality marble, granite selection processing, and water-soluble polymer solution from the fit. Widely used in residential, villas, gardens, factories, squares, hotels, guesthouses, sculpture, arch Square and other building surface decoration.

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1. "Li & Fung" natural stone paint is not only real stone-like firmness, but also with high school elegant three-dimensional and other artistic

2. With flame retardant, efficient waterproof, anti-corrosion, weathering, no radiation, in line with national environmental standards and

other characteristics of the effective protection of buildings to extend the life of the building.
3. "Li & Fung" natural lacquer has excellent plasticity, can be arbitrary design and create a variety of embossed and different colors with the

effect can be comparable with the art of stone.
4. With a variety of carved and components with the use of lower costs to create a European, ancient style.
5. Once again renovation simple and easy, do not have to chisel the old coating, just in the surface coating can achieve excellent results.
Construction requirements:
1. Basal requirements: the base surface requires a smooth, dry, non-oil, ash and other pollutants.
2.Climatic requirements: temperature at 5 ℃, the temperature is above 80%, the wind speed over the construction site and outdoor spraying

before and after 6 hours of rain are not suitable for construction.
3. When spraying with the same type of product, non-mix with other coatings, so as not to affect product quality.
Storage conditions: Store in a cool, dry, ventilated place, avoid the sun, to avoid frost.
· Pay attention to the construction site health, paint splashed into the eyes.
· Wash all the tools with water after construction.
This product is water as diluent, non-oil paint mixed.

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