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Water environmental protection paint

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Product description

Li & Fung in recent years has been concerned about the development of water-based paint at home and

abroad, after nearly three years of continuous exploration and multi-visit, met with the well-known institutions,

coatings Research Center, through continuous testing on the construction, film performance, environmental

protection And other aspects of raw materials to do a gold sore adjustment to overcome the water-based

paint water resistance is poor, fullness of the paint film, the hardness less than the shortcomings of oil, the first

in technology breakthroughs, is the first company developed a low VOC environmentally friendly water-based alkyd paint company.
Product Description:
Water-based alkyd paint is water-thinner one-component green paint, divided into two kinds of primer and

topcoat, with fast drying, high mechanical strength paint film, good water resistance, hiding power adhesion,

excellent corrosion resistance , Do not burn, smell small, environmental protection and other characteristics. It

can be used for the protective paint of metal substrates in industrial facilities, equipment and civil products. It

can also be used with water-based top coat or solvent-based top coat. Widely used in industrial and mining

enterprises, petrochemicals, machinery manufacturing, Wujinjiaodian, household appliances and other


Technical indicators

The water-based alkyd paint in addition to having the characteristics of oily alkyd, but also has the following advantages:
1. With water as diluent, without benzene, benzene, butyl benzene and other organic solvents to meet the current environmental protection and personal health requirements, while reducing the unit brushing costs.
2 non-flammable, is conducive to safe production and construction.
3. Environmental Protection: renewable resources as raw materials, the use of high solids aqueous resin production, low volatile organic compounds, odor, low toxicity, low VOC. By the national paint testing department - Shanghai Coating Research Institute of Quality Inspection Center qualified, volatile organic compounds and heavy metals and other aspects of performance are superior to the same series at home and abroad.
4. The coating has excellent leveling, flexibility and weather resistance, salt spray resistance, high hardness, good hiding power, good film fullness.
5. Good operability, construction safety and convenience, construction tools can be directly cleaned with water.


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