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Citroen C5

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Size: 4805/1860/1458

Wheelbase: 2815

Highlights: the appearance of a stable atmosphere with simple luxury interior style, so that the new C5 in the low-key in showing extraordinary gorgeous. 2815mm long wheelbase bring crisp driving feeling; learn the essence of French high-tech architectural aesthetics, to create the exquisite appearance of the golden ratio, the atmosphere without losing the sense of movement; unique double curved rear windshield and double C-type LED rear taillight, perfect lines Smooth, filling the French elegance and dignity. To space-inspired design source, imports of French double-stitched calfskin seat, with the depth of two interior options, the ultimate noble luxury. MCS master chassis technology to provide full trip three-dimensional shock absorption, high-speed grip tracking stability and 5IS multidimensional ultra-quiet system, excellent performance, bringing long distance is not tired, the curve is not floating, bumpy driving experience. With the core strengths of dynamic comfort disdain for the same level, the definition of a new standard car! Has a "Space Rescue cabin" type 1800mPa high-strength body, won the European E-NCAP and China C-NCAP double-star success, achievement of new high-class sedan standard

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