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Scroll type plate heat exchanger heat pump unit

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Features and applications:
    Cooling capacity: 23.2KW-432.3KW
    Heating capacity: 23.6KW-487.5KW
Vortex plate heat exchanger unit's main features:
1. Small building to meet the cooling, heating needs;
2. The unit cooling and heating conversion can achieve a key conversion;
3. High-performance fully enclosed scroll compressor, low noise;
4. Using efficient, high quality thermal expansion valve, accurate control, energy efficiency is relatively high;
5. Humanized monochrome monitor user interface
6. Efficient plate heat exchanger, the whole structure is compact, easy to install;
7. Peripheral equipment linkage control to ensure the safe operation of heat source water system and air conditioning water system
8. Unit set a variety of protection features, make the unit run safer.
Scroll plate heat exchanger heat pump technical parameters
1. Nominal cooling test conditions: refrigerant water inlet and outlet temperature: 12/7 ℃, cooling water inlet and outlet temperature: 18/29 ℃;
2. Nominal heating test conditions: Hot water out of the water temperature: 40/45 ℃, heat water inlet and outlet temperature: 15/7 ℃;
3. It is recommended that the mainframe be equipped with 1.3 times of heating input power and the matching electrical facilities;
4. Refrigerants using R22 refrigerant;
5. The unit has a higher water quality requirements, must meet the necessary water quality conditions, before using this type of unit;
6. If there are special needs, order before the request.
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