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Full liquid type heat recovery series double screw pump unit

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Features and applications:

Cooling capacity: 512.4kW ~ 1446.9 kW

Heating capacity: 549.4kW ~ 1543.3 kW


Full-liquid heat recovery twin-screw heat pump unit's main features:

1. To meet the cooling needs of residential, shopping malls, offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, railway stations, airports and other buildings, heating needs at the same time can provide hot water to make sanitary hot water;

2. To groundwater, soil, rivers and lakes, urban sewage, oilfield injection water as a cold source of heat;

3. The internationally renowned high-performance twin-screw compressors;

4 double condenser design, according to different needs of the design of two heat exchanger area size;

5. The use of efficient flooded evaporator, compared with dry evaporator heat transfer efficiency increased by 15% to 20%;

6. Efficient, high quality electronic expansion valve and high-performance electronic expansion valve drive module, high control precision, agile, high energy efficiency;

7. Humanized design of all Chinese color touch interface;

8. Peripheral equipment linkage control to ensure the safe operation of heat source water system and air conditioning water system;

9. Unit set a variety of protection features to make the unit more secure operation.

10. Use of environmentally friendly working substance, no damage to ozone.


Full liquid heat recovery twin screw heat pump unit technical parameters

1. Nominal cooling test conditions: refrigerant water inlet and outlet temperature: 12/7 ℃, cooling water inlet and outlet temperature: 18/29 ℃;

2. Nominal heating test conditions: Hot water out of the water temperature: 40/45 ℃, heat water inlet and outlet temperature: 15/7 ℃;

3. It is recommended that the mainframe be equipped with 1.3 times of heating input power and the matching electrical facilities;

4. Refrigerant using R134a refrigerant;

5. This series of unit cooling and heating conversion by switching external systems to achieve;

6. If there are special needs, order before the request.

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