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Organic amine inhibitor

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In recent years, to meet the needs of environmental protection and complex drilling operations, a high-

performance water-based drilling fluid system has been developed abroad and has been widely used. It is also

especially suitable for offshore drilling. The system has the characteristics of strong inhibition, high ROP, good

reservoir protection and environmental protection. Its essence is the application of a new type of amine-based

inhibitors. Through the study on the mechanism of action and molecular structure of the inhibitors used in the

past, we developed LF-518, an organic amine inhibitor for drilling fluids.

Product description

Technical indicators

LF-518, a kind of organic amine inhibitor for drilling fluid, has a unique molecular structure, which can be well embedded in the clay layer

and closely combined with the clay layer, thus playing a role in inhibiting hydration and swelling of the clay wall and preventing collapse

of the sidewall The agent can inhibit the distribution of drill cuttings without damaging the performance of the drilling fluid and can well

balance the decentralization and inhibition of the drilling fluid system.


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