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Product description

Modified sulfonated tannin viscosity reducer is an oil drilling fluid additives, which can effectively eliminate the

formation of drilling fluids due to soluble salts and thickening caused by high temperature in order to ensure

good drilling fluid rheology. It is the use of gallnut in the reactable substances in the presence of

formaldehyde, sulfite sulfonated by condensation, and then by complexation of heavy metal salts derived. Due

to gallnut tannin as raw material, reducing production costs, combined with the synergistic effect of various

components of gallnut tannin, improve the product's salt resistance and temperature resistance.

Technical indicators

Physical and chemical standards

Drilling fluid properties

As the product can well maintain the drilling fluid performance, less dosage, long processing cycle, not only reduce the labor intensity

of workers and improve the drilling speed, and the high success rate of electrical measurement, cementing quality and reduce the total

cost of drilling At the same time, industrial production has no waste, basically no pollution to the environment, the product does not

contain harmful metals, reducing the pollution of formation water.


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