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Enzyme completion plugging agent

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Biological enzyme completion fluid, is the use of special biological enzyme preparation, through biocatalysis,

polymer degradation, the distribution of mud cake, quickly and effectively remove all kinds of infiltration

damage, improve oil and gas permeability, so that the oil and gas wells to achieve the best state of operation ,

Achieved good economic results. Especially in some horizontal wells with well-to-open and screen-tube

completion, bio-enzyme completion fluid with high production gas wells has achieved very good results with

outstanding economic benefits. It is a creative application of modern biotechnology in oil production

engineering. It shows great vitality for oil production. We have promoted the use of oil and gas well

completion in a number of oil fields. The treated oil and gas wells saw a year-on-year increase in expected

output above 50.



Product description


Technical indicators


(1) Biochemical catalysis, environmental protection, low corrosion, similar to water.

(2) Thoroughly remove the mud cake, remove the blockage, and recover the core permeability effectively.

(3) Significant reservoir protection features, good oil and rock compatibility.

(4) Offensive Features (Eliminate scale and water damage, improve rock interface properties).

(5) Simple operation, the effect is outstanding.

(6) More environmentally friendly, safer and more effective than chemicals such as acids and oxidants.


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