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Haili Feng was named "Shou contract re-credit" business

December 28, after rigorous assessment of Dongying City Administration for Industry and Commerce, Shandong Hailifeng Clean Energy Co., Ltd. won the "Shou contract re-credit" honorary title.
Since its inception, the company always adhere to the "morality, people-oriented, credit management, social returns," attaches great importance to business reputation and contract management, adhere to the corporate credit system as the focus of work, and vigorously strengthen their credit and build credibility Brand. Honest company compliance, law-abiding operators, and constantly regulate and refine the contract management, the contract fulfillment rate reached 100%, a good reputation has been unanimously approved by customers.
The Company will take this as an opportunity to continue to strengthen its credit management and contract management and establish a good image of the company's compliance with laws and regulations and strive to assume its due social responsibility for the construction of a social credit system.