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2016 drilling well outstanding communist - Comrade Zheng Wei advanced deeds

In 2013, Zheng Wei came to work for the Group's Enterprise Management Department and was responsible for the business, legal, contract and oilfield network card handling of the group companies and its subsidiaries. At work, he always keeps in mind that he is a member of the Communist Party. He is always a pragmatic, enterprising, cautious, loyal to his job, due diligent, law-abiding, honest and self-disciplined, strives to give play to the vanguard and exemplary role of party members, Responsible for their own, responsible for the unit, the party responsible attitude to work. Strictly implement the "Shengli Oilfield Li & Fung Industrial Group Co., Ltd. bidding management approach," the good off, save money for the company. In the second half of 2015, he was appointed to take charge of the sales of Li & Fung. At the beginning of his term of office, he devoted himself to his work with a view to being familiar with the daily affairs of the sales of auto parts as often as possible and often working late into the night while taking into account the work of the corporate management department Working intensity can be imagined. During the sales and marketing work, he opposed the extravagance and waste, exercised economy, opposed deception and fraud, strictly controlled indiscriminate reports of misconduct, conscientiously done a good job of basic management, and issued various rules and regulations to effectively prevent and eliminate unhealthy tendencies The occurrence of full mobilization of staff enthusiasm for work. Because of his nature of work, he inevitably has to do with economic affairs. However, he can correctly view and handle the economic interests between individuals and units, build up his own ideological line of defense, guard against escalation, and alarm long-sounded.

In early March this year, in order to cooperate with the listing of Hailifeng Corporation, the Enterprise Management Department is responsible for arranging the information of all restructured employees, inputting and handling relevant business and industry related documents, and organizing and electing the 5th shareholders of Li & Fung Group, cooperating with securities companies and law firms A large number of basic materials provided, the Trade and Industry Bureau for the relevant filing procedures, the workload is very large, as the company's corporate management minister, leading the department staff in strict accordance with the company leadership arrangements and requirements, led the team timely and satisfactorily completed the tasks. At the same time strengthening internal learning and training, strengthen service awareness, strengthen innovation awareness, strengthen supervision awareness, strengthen the sense of dedication, willing to suffer, willing to sacrifice. Actively learn professional theoretical knowledge and improve their own quality. In order to improve the professional level of departmental staff, we often organize study and set up business liaison groups to exchange ideas with each other, which enriches our knowledge and increases our feelings and leads us to study the Regulations on the Registration of Enterprises and the Provisional Regulations on the Disclosure of Enterprise Information. Contract management, company qualification management of the daily work of training.

As a middle-level leader, he worked hard at his ordinary job, worked diligently and conscientiously, completed various tasks in an all-round way, and led all the staff in the department with full work enthusiasm, solid working style and excellent work performance Work and forge ahead so that the work of the Group's management and control department has made significant progress. As a communist, he always demands strict compliance with his standards as a member of the party, restrains his words and deeds, and strives to be the first to set an example in his work and in his life. The study of political theory, the contact with the masses, and law-abiding parties all play a vanguard and exemplary role in party memberships. They treat everyone with a kind-hearted attitude and use their own words and deeds to call on the surrounding comrades.