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Li Feng Party branch earnestly carry out "two studies one to do" learning and education activities

On May 13,LiFeng Party Branch convened a mobilization meeting entitled "Two Studies and One Doing" to convey to all party members a series of speeches on studying Party rules and regulations of the Party and the Constitution of the "Drilling Technology Research Institute" , To be qualified party members "learning education implementation plan" notice, combined with the actual Party branch of Li & Fung, the implementation of the content of learning and education, in strict accordance with the "two studies one to do" study and education schedule of the arrangements, do a good job in various work; Good party members democratic appraisal and "July 1" party selection and commendation arranged arrangements for the work.

In his speech, Secretary General Hu Dequn pointed out in his speech: "Two Studies and One Doing" study and education activities are an important work this year. We must highlight the awareness of discipline and regulation, establish a high standard, conscientiously carry out the learning and teaching activities of "two studies and one education", organize the whole Party members learn the party rules and regulations, learn from General Secretary Xi Jinping series of speeches, strive to become qualified party members, and continuously enhance the overall quality of party members. Party branches focus on organizing party members to learn, party organizations as a unit to learn, party members to strengthen self-study, the original chapter of the party, read the full text, through the party chapter, write experience, talk about the way of thinking, and constantly improve their self-cultivation. In strict accordance with the requirements of the higher Party organizations, this work done a solid and effective. The learning experience of Party members will be published on the Li & Fung website and the Li & Fung Newspaper.

Democratically evaluate the work of party members. All party members should do a good job within the stipulated time, combine with the study and education of "two studies and one education", combine with the new requirements and new requirements of "tough war, survival and development" Check their own ideals and beliefs, the party spirit, the sense of discipline, the purpose and concept of survival and development sense of crisis, serving the responsibility of responsibility for creative work, contact ideas, study, work, lack of integrity, find the root cause, find out the direction of efforts to analyze through Criticism and self-criticism on the basis of their own party nature. They should really talk about helping each other, find their roots and establish a good image. It is necessary to regard democratic appraisal of party members as an important part of the "two programs and one education" campaign, promote the determination of party members with their ideals and beliefs, their superb business skills, outstanding work performance and their excellent work style.

On May 20, two party groups of the party branch held a member democracy council. Each party member read a party analysis report, conducted self-analysis, and other party members commented on their work on ideological and ideological work. The first party group of the authority opened the meeting Into a pragmatic meeting, on the audit, security, capital operation and other issues were discussed, close to the production and management, for the development of the company.

At present, the "two studies and one education" learning and education activities are carried out smoothly in Li & Fung Party branches.