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Li & Fung Chemical: refine the target responsibility decomposition, to ensure safe production

In order to comprehensively promote the deployment of various safety work in 2018, further implement the safety production guideline of "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management", implement the safety production responsibility system, ensure the completion of production safety goals of the Company in 2018 and effectively control various types Accident happened. On January 8, the general manager of the Company signed the responsibility certificate of safety production target for 2018 with the deputy general manager of all levels of departments and the responsible persons in charge of the departments.

In line with the principle of "who is in charge, who is in charge and is signed at every level", according to the company's safety network management profile, according to the requirements of hierarchical management, hierarchical management, responsibility to people, combined with job responsibilities, the leaders in charge and department heads , Department heads and team leaders signed, the team leader and team members signed. Respectively from the work objectives, indicators, responsibility assessment of the three aspects of a detailed division of responsibilities.

It is not a matter of formulating and going through the field. Instead, it stipulates the responsibility for safety of all departments, positions and employees. It emphasizes that each department must sign a letter of responsibility for safety production with each employee so that all employees can recognize The importance of safety work, clear responsibilities, take responsibility, take preventive measures. Hope that the responsible persons at all levels through the letter of responsibility signed in the daily management of the consciousness into practical action to ensure that all safety goals in 2018 reached a full, for better management performance.