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LiFeng Party Branch constantly push the "two studies and one do" party building activities

On the eve of July 1, the Drilling Committee Party Committee launched a grass-roots party building innovation case collection activities, Li & Fung Party Branch focused on the company's central task, conscientiously sum up refined typical practices in the grass-roots party building, innovative experience and practical results, the "two studies one to do" Party building activities and production and operation are closely integrated.

On July 14, the hospital honored the party building at the grassroots level, and declared by Li & Fung Branch the space for developing concepts and tree brand activities and opening up market development. It won the Excellent Prize of the 2017 Innovative Case of Grassroots Party Building, Innovative case to give recognition and reward.

Earlier before the reform of the oilfield restructuring enterprises to deepen the "two learning one to do" learning and education promotion meeting, before the meeting, the participants watched the restructuring of enterprises, "two studies and one do" publicity film, introduced in the promotional video Feng Party Branch "two studies one to do", party building work experience and other practices.

Taking this as an opportunity, on the basis of strictly implementing the 1 + 5 system of party building, Li Feng Branch will further innovate the party building methods, enhance the level of party building in Li & Fung and promote the steady development of the enterprise.