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Li Feng Party branch to study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress

On November 3, Li & Fung Party Branch held a party congress to learn and implement the spirit of the 19 National Congress, meeting requirements:

First, learn to get through the spirit of the Nineteenth Congress. Throughout the study and implementation of the spirit of the 19th NPC and with the strategic arrangements made by the 19th CPC Congress, we should deepen our understanding of the integrity, relevance and synergy of the strategic plan for the cause of the Party and the state through the 19th CPC National Congress , Do a good job in all aspects of work.

Second, conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress and make efforts in making solid progress. Come up with concrete measures, a time node a time node to move forward, to tackle the nail full implementation of the spirit. Consciously act, identify the work plan, discharge the task list, timetable, road map, carry out conscientiously. Keep studying hard the guiding ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era at all times, take learning as a good living habit, continuously improve our own cognitive abilities and cognitive scope in learning, and constantly improve our political theoretical accomplishments And working ability. From November 3, 2017 to mid-December, each member wrote an article about his feelings and experiences, and exchanged views and learning.

Third, establish a solid sense of purpose. Really forget the beginning of heart. All party members silently took the party's chapter with 2 minutes. As a party member in the new era, the most fundamental and most practical obligation is to have the idea of ​​serving the people wholeheartedly. In daily work and life to enhance service awareness, public awareness, always remember to serve the masses, for the community. To serve the people is not empty talk, but rich in content. It is not easy for you to really be good at doing things. As a party member, taking the time to make business calls more than a few times to join the party oath, whether made by the party vows, always check yourself.

Fourth, establish a solid sense of party spirit. To strengthen party spirit cultivation, we must first have unshakable belief in beliefs and always remain highly consistent with the party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core and always walk with the party. Learn the good deeds and advanced thinking of role models, learn from the advanced models around you, exchange experiences, make progress together, and raise your awareness faster. At the same time, we must consciously participate in the organization of life, Li & Fung members are distributed in different positions, all party members should conscientiously participate in the various activities of the party organizations, take an active part in the meeting as a conscious action to improve party spirit and raise awareness of discipline , Consciously accept the supervision of party organizations and all party members.

Fifth, establish a solid sense of innovation and innovation. The openness of modern society requires that party members have the modern consciousness and innovative spirit. Starting from 50,000 yuan, Li & Fung has become a group company integrating scientific research, production and service. It has gone through the process of "welfare-management-research-oriented" and formulated the goal of achieving 100 years of Li & Fung. All Party members should work hard to achieve their goals, treat new things with an open mind and earnestly implement the new development concept. The development of units has led to the improvement of the standard of living of staff and workers, the satisfaction of both staff and workers in Li & Fung and the pride of working at Li & Fung. Communists will have to assault themselves in the front line, work hard to do their own work, unite with and lead the masses around them to do a good job and work hard to achieve the goal set at the beginning of this year.

At the same time, a forum was held in which party members and comrades spoke enthusiastically. All of you talked about our understanding of the 19 th National Congress of the CPC. They all agreed that party members should lick their brains for business development, exert positive energy, establish righteousness and strictly demand themselves They should be strict with themselves and communicate with the neighboring comrades more. Party members should give priority to their hardships and consider more about the development of the company and the exemplary role of party members. They should make concerted efforts to get the job done.

Party members said that they have acted swiftly to set off a craze to learn the spirit of the 19 nd draft of the Party, learn the original textbooks, learn the basic concepts of each sentence, understand the essence of the spirit, arm themselves with the spirit of the 19 nd Congress, guide their own actions, The 19-nation victory held for a new starting point, with full enthusiasm, daring to go hard, innovative spirit, pragmatic style, comprehensively study and implement the spirit of the 19, in order to achieve the grand goal set early this year and work hard.