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Li Feng Branch briefings

Li Feng Branch 32 existing members, of which two reserve members, the branch consists of five people, a clerk, a deputy secretary.
Party branches closely around the production and management objectives, in accordance with the requirements of higher party committees, with a high sense of political responsibility, good mental outlook to carry out the work. Gradually establish a party organization with the characteristics of private-owned enterprises under the unified leadership of the party committee of the hospital so that the organization and soundness of the activities and the normal organization of activities will be carried out. According to the actual situation of the company, the party branches and party branches educate the party members about the basic knowledge of the party and the motivation and purpose of joining the party. They should give top priority to personal morality, professional ethics and social morality and require Party members to conscientiously study the requirements of the party constitution and the party constitution , Conscientiously demanding that they strictly follow the standards of the party constitution, solidly and effectively working, and deeply attracted the activists joining the party to move closer to the party organization. Strengthen the education of party spirit, improve the quality of party members. Require party members and cadres to strengthen discipline, abide by the party's discipline, consistent with the party branch. Party members should play a vanguard and exemplary role, talk about party spirit, stress principles, seek development, endure hardship, dedicate themselves to the past, be the example of employees, and unite to lead the vast numbers of staff to engage in business.
Li & Fung Group as the first restructuring of the oilfield enterprises, the early restructuring, put forward the vision to build a hundred Li & Fung, Li Feng Group adhere to a voice: development; a goal: the interests of shareholders; a slogan: entrepreneurial dedication. A warning: clean. In order to ensure that the work of building a clean government and the party conduct in an orderly manner, according to the relevant provisions of the "Party Constitution," set up and perfect a discipline inspection and supervision institution for diverting and diverting enterprises and set up a full-time deputy secretary And issued the "Provisions on Handling the Contractual Responsibility of the Company's Operations" issued by the relevant regulations on "strictly performing their duties during the term of office of the Board of Directors and senior management of the middle and senior management", and regulating the operation and management of the units; revised the financial management regulations and revised the financial Process, management of small vault system, a clear assessment methods, formulate incentives; Li & Fung Group and the leadership above the middle and lower levels signed a responsibility letter of responsibility.
Party branches and the board of directors held a joint meeting decision-making new projects: ground-source heat pump project promotion, chemical plant office buildings put into operation, the rapid progress of Longju project, a new sand control, CO2 injection project, invested 13 million yuan to purchase equipment.
Improve the trade unions and League branch. On March 10, 2011, the first committee of the labor union of Li & Fung Company was elected, representing and organizing the staff and workers to participate in the democratic management and democratic supervision of the unit in accordance with the law; the employees of the trade union organizations participated in the basketball and volleyball matches organized by the drilling institute, Fun games have achieved good results, all employees joined the union. Helping family members with hardship, caring for their loved ones and carrying out donation activities of "caring for children" for their children who have difficulties in getting families.
Actively play the role of League branch, July 6, 2012, elected the Communist Youth League Li & Fung Industrial Group Co., Ltd. branch of the second session, give full play to the young people energetic, dynamic characteristics of youth members organized around the company's development Actively participated in the production and operation, carried out the theme activities of "learning to help super", "caring for the elderly and creating a harmonious society", participated in the "traffic police zero distance" medical examination organized by traffic police detachment in Dongying City, and organized a variety of activities Party and other activities to improve the youth members of the centripetal force, cohesion. To Longju town for the elderly to engage in services, cleaning, the abundance of Li Feng young people spread out.