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Safe in my heart

Safety is the foundation of happiness and the foundation of the enterprise. It is an eternal theme and the lifeline of the enterprise. For the individual, safety is the smile when the child looks up to you. Safety is the laughter of the whole family at dusk when the table is safe. Safety is the grand family portrait of helping the elderly in the park. For the sake of safety, development means stability, Means efficiency, which means that the basic protection, means that the management level.
"I want to be safe" is a serious attitude towards life. It is a responsibility of family members to their loved ones. It is also your children and children. You should repay their parents for their kindness. "It is unsafe to move around." Not alarmist, is a painful experience after the security incident. In order to love us and love us, please keep your safety in mind, because your safety is the greatest relief in their hearts. "Do not accumulate steps, can not result in a thousand miles; do not plot a small stream, can not result in the sea," please start from the drip, safety, please start from every moment, do not go all the hate, I want to be safe, because I To live a happy life.
"I want to be safe" is a rigorous working attitude. Strict implementation of safety regulations is an obligation and obligation that each of our employees must fulfill. It is an important indicator of test execution. It is not only a system, but also a culture , But also a humane care and care. To ask what we are doing hard work is to enjoy our life better. If there is no security, there will be an accident in our lives. Such a life can only make people feel the heavy burden of life. Therefore, we must always remember safety and security are the guarantees of the happy life of each and every one of us.
As the hotel not only provides guests with comfortable accommodation, but also allow guests to consume at the same time have a sense of satisfaction and satisfaction. Without safeguards as a cornerstone or a lack of safe hotel products not only can not satisfy guests 'needs, but also threatens the guests' safety and brings irreparable damage to the hotel. So, security is to protect the hotel operating efficiency basis.
Therefore, we always adhere to the following requirements in our work:
First, to strengthen the fire safety education of workers, organize fire drills to ensure personal safety and financial security;
Second, all departments should take good care of their own people, take a good look at their own doors and run their own affairs, and it is forbidden to have all kinds of personal injury and death accidents and vicious public security and disaster accidents during their work and reception, so as to ensure that no accidents happen during the work and during reception;
Third, focus on good use of fire, electricity, oil, gas fire safety and food hygiene and safety management, prevention of fire and poisoning incidents;
Fourth, the strict implementation of the duty system to ensure that work 24 hours a day on duty without interruption, the duty staff to perform their duties, if problems are found, take measures as soon as possible and promptly report to the higher authorities;
Fifth, find hidden dangers timely rectification, never relax any safety issues, so as to eliminate the occurrence of safety accidents and avoid unnecessary trouble;
Sixth, to strengthen the safety management of key parts, resolutely put an end to theft, personal injury, equipment failure, fire and other incidents;
Seven, guest room accommodation guests must register, so that a passenger board; found criminals, suspicious persons should immediately report to the resident police station; is strictly prohibited guests will be flammable, explosive, highly toxic, corrosive and other dangerous items Into the hotel.
Hotel management is inseparable from security, security can not be separated without our letter to the implementation. Since it is a responsibility, we must truly and truly implement it and strengthen preventive measures. As we greet the bright sunshine of the new day, we will be encouraged by the achievements we have made. Benefit from safety, safety and create happiness. The so-called security responsibility is greater than the day, the implementation of the place only peace of mind.