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Be vigilant in peace time, take preventive measures

The ancients said: "" vigilant in peace time, thinking is prepared, well prepared, then take preventive measures. " At a time when the flourishing day and night are growing, we must bear in mind that when we are at work or in our daily life, we can not relax our vigilance and we should pay attention to safety, take preventive measures and take preventive measures.
Security is the most basic condition for the survival and development of mankind. Security is the cornerstone of the prosperity of a business and even a nation. It is also our eternal theme. As we stand above the platform of secure casting, we use the words of safety to depict the longing for life. Then, please, me, he together lit a bright candle, light up the pace of our progress.
Living in this vast world, security is the roadmap that leads us forward; standing at the forefront of this age, security is the beacon that indicates our trek! Hailifeng as a heating company, but also to production safety, safety of the engine room, staff personal safety first priority. During the heating operation in winter, due to the flammable gas such as hydrogen sulfide may be generated in the heating room, to prevent the occurrence of safety accident, the company stipulates that no smoking inside the engine room is prohibited, no open flame is allowed, and the circuit of the power distribution room in the engine room is complicated, Wait. In the production process, every step of the process will be implemented seriously serious, a link failure, are likely to cause an accident. Safety inspections must be promptly in place. Only checked in place, without leaving a detail, safety can be achieved.
Galloping cars on the road, teenagers wearing headphones, never thought of danger in the broad asphalt road. Tut burning kettle, never thought a fire will be caused by a humble plug burning. Just in June, a fire broke out in the western part of Dongying and a car accident in front of Shengli College might have ended a young life, perhaps causing serious losses to family property. In the hot summer day, we must put safety first and pay attention to safety. "The hidden danger is open fire and the fire is better than disaster relief. The responsibility is heavier than Taishan." Any negligence or mistake in any detail about "caring for life and paying attention to safety" may harm people's spirits and property, remove potential safety problems, allow no loophole and do not throw away any blind spots and leave no hidden danger.
Now "pay attention to safety" is no longer a slogan, nor is it a sign. In fact, when you complete "safety" as a mission, you have neglected the love of your life. We must have the correct understanding that life is the most precious thing in life and that we should root this precious sense into the marrow. Only in this way can you truly keep "safety" in your life and work so that the accident can be truly avoided and the casualty can not come.
We engaged in heating business, we must establish a "safety first" awareness. In an increasingly competitive market today, learn safety, ensure safety, so that our heating business can be more brilliant, our life can be more beautiful.
Friends, vigorous life is magnificent, but it needs to be backed by security. Let us firmly stick the banner of security into the strong land. We will make the fire of life safer and more secure. Tighten the strings of affection, love and friendship, let us hold the banner of security tenaciously in the vast The sky, the safety of our career journey painted more brilliant. Let us work together to sounded the alarm of security, let us work together to create a safe and harmonious, beautiful and brilliant heating.
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