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Notice on Doing 2015 Military Service Registration and Recruitment

Group affiliated units, offices and departments:

According to the oilfield armed forces notice requirements, in order to do my company's conscription work this year, all units should attach great importance to do a good job propaganda work, be sure to convey to every worker. We hereby notify you of the relevant issues of conscription work in 2015 as follows:

I. Object of Solicitation: Call for non-agricultural hukou youth with high school (including vocational high school, technical secondary school, technical school, the same below) graduates or above (women young graduates from ordinary senior high schools and graduating from full-time colleges and universities in 2015 Students and students in 2015); graduates from higher vocational schools (specialties) in 2015 and those students enrolled in schools in 2015 and youths who have shown outstanding performance in disaster recovery and reconstruction and stricken area reconstruction are given priority; under the same conditions, young people with high academic qualifications will be given priority in obtaining the same qualifications The graduates have the priority to collect.

Second, the collection age: December 31, 2015 as the base date, young men aged 18 to 21 years, ordinary college students can be relaxed to 22 years of age, vocational (college) graduates can be relaxed to 23 years of age, undergraduate Graduates and above can be relaxed to 24 years of age. Young women, aged 18 to 19, are able to relax to 22 years of age in general and fresh graduates. According to my own volition, high school graduates of 17 years old can be enlisted.

Third, the collection approach: 2015 all conscription online registration. Registration Website: (National Recruitment Network).

Fourth, requirements:

1, pre-enlistment workers and children please register before July 22, 2015, fill in the online registration "military registration form."

(2) All units shall fill in the "Statistical Table of Solicitation for 2015 Shengli Oilfield" for eligible children and workers and submit the "Military Service Registration Form" filled in by the enlisted personnel to the office of the Communist Youth League before July 20, 2015 (and submit the electronic version to the mailbox : Lfgsb312