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State Administration of Work Safety Order No. 76

The Eight Provisions on the Prevention and Control of Occupational Diseases by the Employer "was reviewed and approved at the office of the director of the State Administration of Work Safety on March 23, 2015 and is hereby promulgated and will be implemented as of the date of promulgation.
Secretary Yang Dongliang
March 24, 2015
Employing units of occupational hazards prevention and control eight provisions
First, we must establish and improve occupational hazards prevention and control responsibility system, non-compliance does not implement illegal production.
Second, we must ensure that workplace compliance with occupational health requirements, non-hazardous occupational hazards in the operating environment.
Third, we must set occupational disease prevention facilities and ensure the effective operation of the non-setting is not prohibited.
Fourth, workers must be equipped with the required protective equipment, distribution of counterfeit and inferior protective equipment is strictly prohibited.
Fifth, must set up the warning sign and the notice card in the workplace and the job post, forbids the concealment occupational disease hazard.
Sixth, must carry on the occupational disease hazard detection on a regular basis, forbid fraud or less detection.
Seven, workers must be vocational health training, training is not prohibited or training unqualified posts.
Eight, workers must be organized to occupational health checks and establish guardianship files, no physical examination is not built file.