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Li & Fung Chemical successfully passed the external audit of intellectual property experts

Recently, Dongfeng Li & Fung New Chemical Materials Co., Ltd. successfully passed, by the rules (Beijing) Certification Group of Experts conducted an external audit of intellectual property standards experts. This indicates that Li & Fung's intellectual property management work has been recognized and affirmed by industry experts.

The adoption of this standard work will help enhance the core competitiveness of Li & Fung Chemical and support the sustained and healthy development of the Company by enhancing the Company's technological innovation capability so as to maintain the vitality and motivation of the Company.

Through various intellectual property rights such as purchasing, production, sales and human resources, it helps to reduce the risks of production and operation of enterprises and avoid or reduce the risks of intellectual property or legal risks arising from the management of products in the whole life-cycle of products.

Through the control of the sales process, it helps to consolidate the market competitive position of Li & Fung Chemical and enhances the position of products with intellectual property protection developed by enterprises in the sales market.

Through the intellectual property standardization has also strengthened the overall competitiveness of Li & Fung Chemical to enhance the value of intangible assets of enterprises, Li & Fung Chemical for the next step in financing the listing and lay a good foundation.